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Payment process

  • The payment methods currently available on the “Ponteacomprar” website are:

    • Credit card
  • Credit card

    Payment can be made using the following credit cards:

    • - Visa
    • - MasterCard

    “Ponteacomprar” has a single payment gateway security protocol. Data submitted on the “Ponteacomprar” e-commerce platform when placing orders shall be protected with a highly secure system in effect from the moment data is entered.

    Users must first be identified and the data required to make payment must be entered. The required fields must be filled out when paying with a credit/debit card. The user only needs to enter the credit card number once to make payments to different suppliers. Once the order is completed ABANCA will notify “Ponteacomprar” that the cardholder is making a purchase so that the process can be completed. If identification was unsuccessful ABANCA shall notify “Ponteacomprar” so that it may proceed accordingly.

    The online payment service works outside of “Ponteacomprar” and ABANCA will be responsible for any incident that may arise; customers with issues with the online payment service should contact ABANCA.

    Your card may be rejected for any of the following reasons:

    • - It has expired. Check to make sure your credit card is still valid.
    • - The credit limit for making purchases has been reached. Contact your bank.
    • - Some of the data entered is incorrect. Check to make sure that all required fields are filled in with the correct information.
    • - When making payment via the secure payment gateway the system will automatically check that the card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce.

    Every time you place an order on the “Ponteacomprar” website you will be sent an e-mail detailing your purchase. In addition, each company that you have purchased a product from will attach the invoice for shipping charges, that is, if you buy products from different companies each will attach their own invoice for their projects and you will receive one invoice from each company together with your order.

Shipping process

  • Product shipment

    Products purchased on the “Ponteacomprar” website can be sent to national and international addresses. For domestic shipments you can receive your order within 24 business hours from the time the purchase is made and payment is approved.

    Our website offers buyers the advantage of buying products from different companies in different locations which they can receive at home in the shortest time possible.

    Shipments of dry orders, those that include any product which does not require transport with specific conservation conditions, are different from fresh produce, those that require positive refrigeration, and those that require transport conditions between 2ºC and 8ºC without breaking the cold chain.

    Shipping costs for each order are calculated based on the weight of the shipment and the distance (according to SEUR rates).

  • Services

    Services offered on “Ponteacomprar” do not have associated shipping costs because the services are not “physically” sent.

    To purchase these services the customer must select the service desired and follow the defined purchase process. When checkout has been successfully completed the customer will receive an e-mail with the details of the service and an order number. To enjoy the service, the user should contact the company and indicate the service to book, providing data to identify the service and the personal data of the person who will receive said service, specifying the day you would like to use the service.

  • Gift order

    Gift orders can be made by specifying the recipient’s name and address, indicating where you want to send the gift order and differentiating between the shipping and billing address.

Return process

  • Please note the following points when returning “Ponteacomprar” products or services:

  • Return period

    According to regulations, if you are not satisfied with your order you have the right to return any item purchased on “Ponteacomprar” within fifteen (15) business days from the date of receipt.

    If the customer wishes to return the product more than 15 days after receipt, “Ponteacomprar” Customer Service will take the necessary steps to carry out the return.

    Should dissatisfaction with the product be the reason for return, the cost of the product minus shipping costs, which are charged to the customer, will be refunded.

  • Packaging

    If the return is accepted the item must be in perfect condition and be returned in its original packaging. If the item originally contained manuals, accessories or promotional gifts these should also be included in the return. After checking the condition of the items “Ponteacomprar” will proceed to refund the amount through the same payment method used to make the purchase. The invoice/return submitted along with the order is required for a refund.

  • Home pickup

    After verifying all information “Ponteacomprar” will send a carrier to pick up the return within a 24-hour period, whenever possible; the carrier will contact the customer to set up the pickup date.

    Shipping charges are non-refundable with returns and the customer will be responsible for the pickup charges (equal to the shipping amount corresponding to the type of product purchased and the shipping address).

  • Defective products

    The seller shall be responsible for exchanging the product at no cost to the customer if a product is returned because it is defective or different from the product ordered. If the customer requests a refund instead of an exchange the amount of the product minus shipping costs will be refunded.

    The seller provides a two-year warrantee on all products sold on the website. The customer and user must also inform the seller of any product nonconformity within two months after its discovery.

    If the product is damaged during transport the user (customer) must notify SEUR by calling Customer Service within a maximum period of 24 hours after receiving the product, indicating visible product damage on the delivery note in order to lodge a complaint. SEUR is not liable for any complaints made for this reason after said period.

  • Cancellation or product not available

    The seller is responsible for refunding the amount of the product should the product be unavailable. The amount will equal that paid by the customer, including shipping costs, refunded by the same payment method used to make the purchase.

  • Payment period

    The seller agrees to refund the full amount within a period of 30 days from receipt of the returned item without deducting any costs except for those that correspond to shipping. The amounts received will be paid by the seller, minus the cost of pickup as stipulated on the “Ponteacomprar” e-commerce platform, within a period not exceeding thirty days once condition of the goods is verified.

    Refunds made to credit cards will always be handled by ABANCA.

    After approving the return the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating that the amount will be credited to the user’s account in the next few days. This refund will be issued to the credit card used to make the purchase.

  • Contact information for returns

    Returned orders must be processed through Customer Service by calling (+34) 886 201 201 or by e-mailing Notwithstanding the above, the right of return and/or resolution is excluded in those cases in which, by the very nature of the items to be purchased, it is impracticable to carry out, subject to the corresponding complaint of damages suffered.

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